Original personalised artwork & paintings

22nd June 2020 by Expat Living 3 Min ReadYou’ve probably spent quite a bit of time looking at those white walls in your home lately! If you’ve been wondering what would look great on them, these personalised artworks and paintings tick a lot of boxes.LouiseM is a French artist based in Singapore. She creates personalised art that represents you. So, her paintings reflect a timeline of your life – from special moments with kids to family travels – for you to create your own distinctive space at home.Personalised artHow does it work? After finding inspiration in your story through dialogue and listening, LouiseM applies a little of her magic and renders it into a visual idea. This then becomes a painting. And the options are endless for how you use it. You could have a giant wall mural on a canvas in your living room or master bedroom. Or, give a boost to your kitchen with a backsplash or hood panel, or replace your bedhead – even spruce up your old piano. Everything is doable – so go a little crazy and let your imagination run free! We chatted with the artist about her interesting approach. What’s your own artistic style?I don’t have just one style. Each artwork is unique and created according to the client’s request and the aspects they want to give to their interior. My paintings can be very colourful – in a style that I call “bubblegum”. Like in the backsplash (top right) where the illustration shows the favourite brands of everyone in the family. I can also home in on a particular colour, like the blue of the piano design, which is the favourite colour of the client, Annette. In this case, Annette also wanted a testimony from each of her friends in the painting. I also love to work with black and white shades in a more graphic style – especially to draw cities and their unwavering industrial environments.You can find the whole collection on my website and examples of my projects on Instagram too. What are the different steps in your projects?First of all, it’s important to know the final destination of your painting and its purpose. This will help define its size, the material to be used and also the desired design, depending on your interior décor. I work with pictures of your room to create a demo and to ensure it blends naturally into its new home. Then, through conversations, I’ll uncover specific topics you want to underline in your piece of personalised art. If you want the panel to convey a story about your family’s travels in Asia, for example, I’ll ask you questions about this vacation. Then, as a team, we’ll create a meaningful artwork. My main objective is for you to embrace and love the final painting as you find yourself in it. What brought you to Singapore?We decided last July that we would move here for the beginning of the school year. This was a massive upheaval for our family of seven, now scattered all over the world! I used to have fun and enjoy my workshop in Paris, but this change was an opportunity to revamp my creativity.The new adventure has turned into a beautiful and inspiring one, helping to open my mind to different perceptions and discover new landscapes, new balances to draw and reinvent. My first project orders gave me the chance to add in images that are the “essentials” of Singapore. Also, scenes of the island’s tropical jungle inspire me a lot. There is so much you can do with nature designs in a green city like this.8907 7037 | louisem.fr | @louisem_artiste This article first appeared in the June 2020 edition of Expat Living. You can purchase a copy or subscribe so you never miss an issue!Read here for more about furniture and home décor in Singapore.