Getting a made-to-measure wedding suit

22nd June 2020 by Anthia Chng 2 Min ReadA well-made suit can make you feel like a million bucks. And that’s exactly how you should feel on your wedding day, no less! Whether you’re shopping for your wedding suit or a bespoke suit for work, consider getting it made-to-measure so it fits you perfectly. My husband Benjamin Mah got his suit done at Edit Suits for our wedding earlier this year – read on for his review.Ben’s wedding suit reviewWorking in a tech-forward, creative environment has its perks, like never having to worry about dress codes. My weekday essentials consist almost exclusively of T-shirts and jeans – sometimes even shorts. No need for “Dress Down Friday” when there’s “Floral Friday” to dress for!Unsurprisingly, as my wedding day drew nearer, my lack of experience with formal attire meant I had no idea how to look the part. Save for one off-the-rack jacket, I had never owned a suit in my life, let alone a tailored one. Thankfully, my worst fashion nightmare never saw the light of day and I have Edit Suits to thank for that.My first appointment couldn’t have gone better. I was relieved to find the showroom cosy and unintimidating — important as a first-time customer. The mannequins that lined the showroom walls displayed suits for every occasion, demonstrating the versatility of Edit Suits’ designs.I was attended to by the store’s Senior Style Consultant, Syafiq, who patiently guided me through the fabric and customisation options on offer. With a whopping 3,000 fabrics to pick from, there’s something for everyone here, style and budget-wise. I eventually decided on a midnight blue and grey combination from Dormeuil’s Amadeus collection for my three-piece suit. This premium collection is known for its comfort and excellent drape, and I figured it would be a worthy investment for my first made-to-measure suit. The measurement process that followed was swift but detailed. I tend to require very specific instructions for this kind of thing, but Syafiq worked with quick precision and the experience wasn’t as awkward as I feared it might be. I was particularly impressed with Edit Suits’ digital approach to suit customisation. After picking my fabrics and buttons, an iPad was presented with all the available options for fit, collar, cuff and more. The user interface is clear and easy to navigate, with illustrations accompanying every option, so the entire process was a breeze.The online platform also ensured full transparency, with every measurement and detail of the order saved to my Edit Suits account. This is a convenient reference for dreaming up your next suit, and it streamlines the process if you use your most recent body measurements. My suit was completed in two weeks and all it took is a slight alteration for the perfect fit. I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out. Now that the wedding is over, it’ll soon be my turn to take the role of a groomsman for my friends, so I’m already planning my next visit to Edit Suits!Edit SuitsLevel 2, 35A Duxton Road3158 3926 | [email protected]/sg

Our reader gets a bespoke suit!

28th November 2019 by Anthia Chng 3 Min ReadIf you’re looking for a business suit that fits your body well, getting a bespoke suit made at a tailor is probably the best solution. To find out how it works, we sent one of our readers Martin for a personalised experience at Q Menswear. Located in a charming heritage shophouse in Telok Ayer, this bespoke tailor offers custom suits with a modern edge. Led by designers Chong Han San, Kenneth Goh and Alexis Fong, the boutique boasts a wide range of fabrics and designs to choose from, alongside a niche selection of ready-to-wear men’s accessories. Han San and MartinMartin’s Q Menswear reviewGetting fitted for a new suit isn’t a regular occurrence, but when it does happen, whether you’re partial to a bespoke suit from time to time or just want to treat yourself to a one-off, it’s a grown man toyshop experience.Q Menswear has an unassuming entrance in the CBD on Telok Ayer Street, and I’ve managed to sneak in after lunch next door. The stairs to the second floor are adorned with inspiration as I pass a grey double-breasted suit with a delicate maroon check.I’m swiftly welcomed by Han San, a refined, fashionable individual who’s also the creative director of the brand. We take a seat in the understated but classic store and I’m comforted by the fact that the fitting session is all about me – what I’m looking for and what Han San thinks would be strong options for me. That’s how it should be.We hunt through an array of Italian fabrics. I’ve gone for a higher-end pure wool material which I’m told is cooler – vital in the Singapore humidity! The range is extensive to the point where I’m already eyeing up potential future purchases and trying not to get too excited.Eventually with Han San’s help, we’re able to home in on a final decision in terms of fabric and the type of fit that I’m looking for. Everything is customised to what I like, from the lapels to the pockets on the pants, even the choice of lining, from the wild and wonderful to the refined and understated. Following the input from the extremely professional staff, I try the odd amendment to my usual style, with peak lapels and a ticket pocket. I leave the lining in the hands of Han San; a surprise is always fun and I’m utterly convinced by his expertise. The sizing process is swift as Han San communicates my measurements to his colleague. And, just like that, we’re done.It was an incredibly pleasant experience with a team that’s clearly very well-seasoned at what they do. In two weeks, I’ll be back to try on my new suit, and get any necessary adjustments made.I can’t wait to see the end result!Q Menswear116A Telok Ayer Street6636 6939 | q-menswear.comLiked this? Check out more stories on our For Guys page! Hair loss treatments for menInvesting in your appearance