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27th July 2020 by Anthia Chng 2 Min ReadEyelash extensions make you look dolled up without the extra prep time, but they often require a bit of looking after. For example, you need to be mindful of them when you’re washing your face. A lash lift (or a lash perm), on the other hand, is pretty low maintenance as no extra lashes are used apart from your own. While a lash lift tends to look more natural, lash extensions can also be tailored to your preferred length and thickness, too.Can’t decide which to go for? Lash Inc SG offers the best of both worlds, so you can speak to their beauty experts before choosing. This Tanjong Pagar salon specialises in lash and brow treatments including Yumi lash lift, eyelash extensions and eyebrow embroidery. I recently tried the classic eyelash extensions ($95) – read on for my review!Lash extensions review“Located along a stretch of shophouses in buzzy Tanjong Pagar, this beauty studio offers a range of brow and lash treatments, including microblading, ombre brow shading, and the all-time favourite Camellia lash extensions for a foxy and dramatic look. Pink walls and décor tastefully adorn the impeccably clean space, which also has a comfortable and spacious sitting area for those waiting in between their appointment. Even the washroom looks luxurious with its marble sink and concrete walls!I do enjoy having eyelash extensions on, and I’ve always preferred the more natural-looking designs instead of thicker and longer options. Having extra lashes on does make a big difference in how my eyes look (bigger and lifted), but sometimes the extensions can feel heavy and uncomfortable.Since I had no upcoming occasion to justify getting dramatic lashes, I decided to try the classic 1D eyelash extensions. This service involves individually adhering one faux lash to one natural eyelash, resulting in a ‘mascara effect’. Think of it as a natural-looking boost to your peepers! The entire process was painless and comfortable, and I couldn’t help but doze off in between.Including the consultation, the whole process took almost 90 minutes, but it was worth it.  The final look isn’t too dramatic, but the extra lashes definitely help to open up my eyes. Plus they’re incredibly light – I can barely feel them! My lash artist gave me a ‘Dolly’ eye look by applying longer lashes in the middle of my eyes. If you prefer a cat-eye effect, you can request for it instead. The best part about this treatment is that it saves me precious time in the morning when I’m getting ready, since I get to skip the steps of curling my lashes and applying mascara. Anything that gets me extra bedtime is a huge win!”– Anthia Chng Enjoy 20 percent off!Get a 20 percent discount on all full-priced services when you use the code EXPATLIVING before checking out.Lash Inc SG46A Peck Seah Street9152 8583 | lashincsg.comLiked this? Check out more stories on our Style & Beauty page!For our big list of lash and brow treatments, click here.

Lash extensions & brow treatments – reviewed!

Eyelash and eyebrow treatments such as lash extensions, lash lifts, brow embroidery and microblading have become more advanced over the years. But with so many places offering them, where should you go? Here we review some of the best brow and lash treatments offered at boutique studios and home-based beauty salons. After all, if there’s any truth behind the saying that our eyes are the windows to our soul, you want your eyes to look their best!The Beaute Canopy“The Beaute Canopy founder Cheryl Lee left her corporate job two years ago to pursue her home-based beauty studio, which specialises in professional eyebrow microblading and shading ($500), brow removal treatments, lash lifts and lip embroidery. Her passion for her work is evident as soon as you enter the treatment room. The space, while cosy, is immaculately clean and tidy. In fact, it’s better kept than many salons I’ve come across!A PhiBrows Royal artist, Cheryl used the PhiBrows Divider (a compass) to precisely measure the dimensions and shape of my ideal brows, based on a ratio known as the ‘golden proportion’ (1.618). I appreciated that she didn’t rush when marking out the points on my brows; she took the time to meticulously measure the right length and angle, and made sure to show me the draft before proceeding. I had an old brow tattoo job from a couple of years back that had faded to an orange tint, so we had to work around that, too. After I was happy with the look of my arches, numbing cream was applied and left on for around 20 minutes, before the actual microblading took place. Much to my relief, the entire process was painless. It only got a tad tingly towards the end, but a second round of numbing cream, along with Cheryl’s gentle hands, helped immensely. I even managed to snooze for a bit!Two hours later, I emerged with fresh brows with fine, hair-like strokes. I was given a handy kit and a detailed list of aftercare tips to help the skin to heal faster and the pigment to last longer. It should last me up to a year, but after having such a pleasant experience, I’ve already booked myself in for a touch-up session to prolong the effects.”– Anthia ChngThe Beaute Canopy266D Punggol Way8233 0166 | Lash Company“I’ve always been hesitant about giving eyelash extensions a go. For some reason, the idea of someone else touching my peepers has always freaked me out. But I’m pleased to say any reservations I had completely disappeared when I met my lash artist, Penny. Friendly yet professional, Penny asked me what I was after with this treatment, and what results I was hoping for. She confirmed that the Full Classic ($108) was the way to go, as it would add length and curve without looking over the top. After settling me on the treatment bed, Penny cleaned my lashes using a foaming cleanser and a saline solution. This is to remove any mascara build-up. She then placed a slightly damp pad on my bottom lashes to make sure they wouldn’t get in the way, and some tape on my top lid to turn my lash line up slightly so it’s easier to add the extensions. Penny used tweezers to pick up the individual false lashes, dipped them in glue and stuck them to one of my real lashes. In between adding lashes, she would occasionally brush them with spoolie to keep them neat and tidy. The whole procedure lasted just over an hour, and it was super relaxing, so much so that I actually fell asleep.Once Penny was done, I checked out my new look in the mirror and couldn’t have been happier. She had managed to achieve what mascara promises but never accomplishes – thick, fluttery and perfectly curled lashes. I think it’s safe to say this usually low-maintenance beauty girl has become an unlikely lash extension addict.”– Gracie StewartPsst… As part of the studio’s efforts to minimise physical contact during this period, all forms are made available online. Book your appointment through their website!The Lash Company 9A Kampong Bahru Road | 9144 0377101 East Coast Road | 9113 7675thelashco.sgGergert Beauty“As I’ve always had thick, dark and bountiful brows, I tweeze religiously, giving them a quick shape after a shower while never really giving eyebrow embroidery a second thought. I assumed these types of pigment treatments were only for those with thin or light eyebrows, but I was wrong!Owner and makeup master at Gergert Beauty Academy, Ola Gergert is a certified Phibrows Artist hailing from Russia. With five years of practice under her belt, Ola has always championed woman’s natural beauty, aiming only to strengthen our assets and save us the time of daily makeup routines with semi-permanent solutions that last for up to 3 years. With a tracing pencil, a facial-symmetry apparatus and steady hands, Ola drew an outline to explain where I had veered off track with over-plucking – causing gaps and jagged edges. She suggested microblading to give my arches more definition and shape that would better suit and frame my face, while carefully selecting a blend of natural pigment that would match my skin tone. The entire process took under 90 minutes, including frequent application of a topical anaesthetic cream to relieve the pain of the microblade, making it only mildly uncomfortable. Ola’s precision and handywork was a literal and figurative eye-opener! I instantly saw how such subtle adjustments to the shape, tone and structure of my brows brought out my eyes more.The healing process was swift, thanks in part to the brow care kit Ola gave me (complete with wipes, honey healing ointment and brow brush). Three months later, I’m using far less eye makeup and using the parameters of Ola’s work to allow my natural brows to grow back. My only regret is that I didn’t do this years ago!The microblading treatment at Gergert Beauty Academy starts from $550. It also offers different semi-permanent makeup services, including brow sculpt and brow lamination, which is a less invasive procedure that uses setting lotion to help the brow hair stay brushed up and lifted upward for six to seven weeks.”– Leanda RathmellGergert Beauty70 Shenton Way, #01-228591 1557 | gergertbeauty.comLash Inc SG“I’ve always been a huge fan of lash extensions – until I tried a lash lift for the first time earlier this year. Unlike lash extensions, which require a bit of looking after, lash lifts are pretty low maintenance. The results are more natural too, making it the perfect choice for an everyday look. On the other hand, lash extensions can make you look more dolled up, which is also great for special occasions.Located along a buzzy stretch of shophouses in Tanjong Pagar, this beauty studio is spacious and impeccably clean. Choose from a range of brow and lash treatments, including microblading, ombre brow shading, and the all-time favourite Camellia lash extensions for a foxy and dramatic look. I opted for the Yumi lash lift and tint ($105), a safe and gentle one-hour treatment that results in a ‘mascara’ effect. Think of it as a boost to your natural lashes! The entire process was painless and comfortable, and I couldn’t help but doze off in between. I woke up to find that my stubbornly straight lashes were lifted, curled and darker than usual. I love the subtle enhancement! Two weeks later, the tint has slowly worn off, but my curled lashes are still going strong. This treatment is suitable even for pregnant ladies, as well as those with sensitive eyes.”– Anthia Chng Lash Inc46A Peck Seah Street9152 8583 | lashincsg.comThe Face Place“In a studio at [email protected] Quay, Sandra at The Face Place specialises in facials. She also does brows though, and I went for a retouch of my previous microblading treatment, which was nearly two years old. At just $280 for a service (including a top-up two to three months later), this is great value. The treatment can last up to 18 months, with some feathering and fading over time, of course. With a fantastic view over Boat Quay, Fort Canning and the river, I hardly wanted to close my eyes. But as I’m a bit sensitive to the sounds of the microblading, I lay down and put in headphones while Sandra got to work. Numbing cream went on for 10 minutes and then I didn’t feel a thing. Sandra could still see my previous shape (which I liked) so she followed it. In under 90 minutes we were done! My hair is darker than when I had them done two years ago, so she used a slightly darker colour but without the cream on. It looked very natural and the peeling was minimal over the next week, so I never felt self-conscious about them like I have in the past.”– Danielle RossettiThe Face PlaceThe Central, Clarke Quay #12-838 Eu Tong Sen Street8233 1723 | thefaceplacesg.comLiked this? Check out more stories on our Style & Beauty page!