Easy Cinnamon rolls recipe

29th June 2020 by Michaela Bisset 3 Min ReadBaking something for tea, or looking for something fun to do with the kids? We think these cinnamon rolls look pretty yummy and apparently they’re easy to make.“These are delicious and come out perfect every time. The process of making the dough and rolling it is fun to do with my kids. Pro tip: double the icing recipe to make these extra sinful! – Anya Proctor, ReaderServes 9Ingredients for the dough• ¾ cup warm milk (whole milk preferred)• 2¼ teaspoons quick rise or active yeast• ¼ cup granulated sugar• 1 egg plus 1 egg yolk, at room temperature• ¼ cup unsalted butter, melted• 3 cups bread flour• ¾ teaspoon salt Ingredients for the filling• 2 /3 cup light or dark brown sugar• 1½ tablespoons ground cinnamon• ¼ cup unsalted butter, softenedIngredients for the cream cheese frosting• 115 grams cream cheese, softened• 3 tablespoons unsalted butter, softened• ¾ cup powdered sugar• ½ teaspoon vanilla extractDirections1. In an electric stand mixer, mix the milk, yeast, sugar, egg, egg yolk and melted butter.2. Stir in the flour and salt with a wooden spoon until a dough begins to form.3. Change the mixer attachment to a dough hook and knead the dough on medium speed for eight minutes. Alternatively, use your hands to knead the dough for eight to 10 minutes on a well-floured surface. The dough should form into a nice ball and be slightly sticky.4. Transfer the dough ball to a well-oiled bowl, then cover it with plastic wrap and a warm towel. Allow the dough to rise for 1 to 1½ hours, or until it’s doubled in size.5. Transfer the dough to a well-floured surface and roll it out into a 30x20cm rectangle.6. Spread softened butter over the dough, leaving a ¼ inch margin at the far side of the dough.7. Mix together the brown sugar and cinnamon and sprinkle it over the buttered dough, rubbing it in.8. Tightly roll up the dough, starting from the 20cm side and place it seam side down, making sure to seal the edges of the dough as best you can. 9. Cut into 1-inch sections with a serrated knife or floss. You should get nine large pieces.10. Place the rolls in a greased 20x20cm baking pan or round 20cm cake pan lined with parchment paper.11. Cover it with plastic wrap and a warm towel, and let rise again for 30 to 45 minutes. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius.12. Remove the plastic wrap and towel and bake the rolls for 20 to 25 minutes or until they turn slightly golden brown on the edges. Allow them to cool for five to 10 minutes before frosting.Directions for the frosting1. In the bowl of an electric mixer, combine cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar and vanilla extract. Beat until smooth and fluffy.2. Spread the frosting all over the cinnamon rolls and serve immediately. Enjoy!Send us a recipe! If you have a favourite dish you’d like to submit for an upcoming issue, please send an email titled “Recipe Corner” to [email protected] with your recipe, a photo of yourself, and a few words about your dish.This article first appeared in the June 2020 edition of Expat Living. You can purchase a copy or subscribe so you never miss an issue!

Recipe: Chocolate Tiffin

14th May 2020 by Expat Living < 1 This is a great stay-at-home recipe for comfort food – or a dessert – if you love chocolate!“Tiffin is my favourite thing to bake from my British side. This recipe originates from my mum’s grandmother. It reminds me of when we drive from my grandma’s to my aunt’s, which is quite a few hours. We pack slices and often finish them within the first few hours! I love the texture.” – Georgia Bisset, British-South AfricanMakes approximately 12 servings Ingredients½ cup margarine, melted1 tablespoon caster sugar1 tablespoon golden syrup2 tablespoons drinking chocolate2 Cadbury chocolate bars50g cut raisins200g semi-sweet biscuits (or shortbread), crumbledInstructionsMix together margarine, caster sugar, syrup, raisins, drinking chocolate and biscuits. Press the mix into a tin.Double boil the chocolate bars, then pour over the base so that it creates a surface layer of at least 1cm.Cut into squares before refrigerating for at least two hours.Send us a recipe! If you have a favourite dish you’d like to submit for an upcoming issue, just send an email titled “Recipe Corner” to [email protected] with your recipe, a photo of yourself, and a few words about your dish.

Easy dessert idea: Banana Compote

23rd March 2020 by Expat Living 2 Min ReadOkay, so you know how bananas go from hero (green) to zero (brown mush) really quickly, especially in Singapore? One tip is to freeze them – then you can use them for smoothies or bake banana bread with them. Or, if you’re looking for a new recipe using bananas, here’s a delicious Banana Compote from Emily Atkinson (British) and Patricia Decourt (Brazilian), recipe content creators @foodjourneysg.“When I was little, my grandma used to make this for me when I had a sore throat – it’s real comfort food. And, I love the versatility; you can serve it warm with ice cream or cold with cheese. Every Brazilian family has their own variation of this recipe; this is my family’s!” – Patricia“I love a simple method, and this one is super easy with only three ingredients. I always have overripe bananas, so this is on repeat in my household!” – EmilyServes eightIngredients for patties• 6 very ripe bananas• 1 cup sugar• 2 cinnamon sticks Instructions1. Cut the bananas into round slices.2. Place the banana slices in a pot, cover with sugar and submerge the cinnamon sticks into the bananas.3. Cook on the stovetop on low heat (with the lid on) for around one hour.Note: “The heat and sugar will help the banana to release its juice. Trust the process and don’t touch the bananas until it reaches the right consistency; it should be soft to the point that when you mash it, it becomes a puree.”Send us a recipe! If you have a favourite dish you’d like to submit for an upcoming issue, please send an email titled “Recipe Corner” to [email protected] with your recipe, a photo of yourself, and a few words about your dish.Like this? Read more in our Wine and Dine section