6 Outdoor fitness activities in Singapore

There are heaps of outdoor fitness activities and sports to do in Singapore. Yes it is hot, but we promise you you will feel good afterwards! Research shows that getting outdoors more can boost our energy and mood, relieve stress, fight depression and anxiety, stimulate creativity and concentration, reduce inflammation and lower risks of heart attack. So, read on for six of the best activities and things to do outside to keep you fit here.#1 HikingHiking is a great outside activity – get some sunshine and get fit at the same time. There are loads of locales across the island for a nice hike with the fam – from MacRitchie Reservoir Park and the Southern Ridges to any one of Singapore’s many other trails. You’ll engage different muscle groups all at once, including your core, thighs, calves and ankles, while building cardiovascular strength and burning calories. And, it’s free – a win for everybody! #2 Personal training in the parkGreat news if you’re looking for a challenging workout tailored specifically to you. UFIT – a leading fitness community in Singapore for the past decade – has launched PT in the Park at several of its outdoor fitness locations, giving clients the opportunity to enjoy the popular personal training programme outdoors. Kettlebells, exercise bands, disinfectant spray and wipes are provided; all you’ll need to bring is your water bottle, exercise mat and towel! You’ll even get access to the UFIT app, which includes real-time messaging, exercise videos, healthy eating ideas and more. #3 BootcampTraining in a group with likeminded people is great for motivation and can make exercising more fun – and, UFIT’s got tons of great outdoor class options across 14 different locations islandwide, including Fort Canning Park, the Botanic Gardens, East Coast Park and Sentosa Cove.“Humans are meant to be outside, it’s that simple. As health professionals, we should be advising our clients and friends to spend as much time in nature as possible, provided the circumstances allow it, as it’s a much needed ‘system interrupt’ away from our daily working lives,” explains NATHAN WILLIAMS, personal trainer and group class coach. “Combining nature and exercise, especially with some early-day natural sunlight, can provide numerous benefits that will lead to improvements in our overall health.”From fast-paced Metcon and HIIT classes to Box (boxing, kick-boxing and Muay Thai) and strength-training Build classes, there’s an outdoor fitness activity to get everyone’s heart pumping.If you’re looking for a bootcamp-style class that mixes things up, UFIT’s Burn is a great cardio workout suitable for all fitness levels. Expect some mobility and strength training, plyometrics, AMRAP workouts (“as many reps as possible”), running hill sprints and more.Of course, classes are kept extra small for social distancing purposes. Participants can still enjoy the group energy while getting more than enough personalised attention to ensure they’re doing the exercises correctly. #4 PilatesNo need to go into a studio when you can practice Pilates outside! UFIT’s Pilates in the Park programme is another great thing to do outside in Singapore especially if it’s amongst greenery. Whether you opt for a private or small group class, Pilates can help you tone up, strengthen those deep core muscles, align your spine, and activate those muscles that have become inactive through disuse or pain. It’s also a great way to de-stress and boost your mind-body connection!And, the good news is, Pilates can be practised by anyone, regardless of age, gender or fitness abilities. Instructors can adjust the exercises to suit each client’s specific needs and health conditions.#5 RunningA great way to blitz calories and get in shape, running is a full-body, endorphin-producing workout that can help bust stress and strengthen your joints. Whether it’s along the Singapore River, the Botanic Gardens, the Sentosa beaches or East Coast Park, there are plenty of places to power-walk, jog or full-on sprint.Looking to get fit with running but don’t know where to start? UFIT’s Run programme helps individuals ignite their passion for running in a fun and social setting. Held at Fort Canning and Evans Road Track, Run takes regular runners outside their comfort zones by introducing intervals, Fartleks, stairs and hills, and combinations of each. You can even kick things up a notch with UFIT’s Trail Running programme that will have you tackling rocks, mud, tree trunks and hills at MacRitchie Reservoir. It’s led by a runner and osteopath who specialises in injury prevention.For a complete list of outdoor things to do, running trails, and helpful running tips, head to expatliving.sg/health #6 GolfPlaying golf can be great fun, but it’s also got a range of mental and physical benefits – from stress relief to improved mental alertness to cardiovascular fitness. It’s a low-impact exercise that can be played by almost anyone. In fact, it’s a wonderful outdoor activity for families, explains LEE CARRINGTON, a fully accredited Golf Professional and member of the Australian PGA, who has been teaching golf in Singapore for 20 years.“It’s a terrific game for both kids and adults, as it teaches honesty and humility,” she says. “It also offers fresh air and exercise – especially if you walk instead of ride! What a great way to get in those ‘steps’ in!”Whether you’re a complete beginner or want to hone your existing golf skills, Lee offers private and small group classes at Champions Golf Academy (60 Fairways Drive) in Bukit Timah.“Golf is challenging, no question; but, that’s one of reasons it’s so good – it’s all down to you. Whatever happens is in your hands and yours alone,” says Lee. “The best part of golf is the learning curve and that never ends – no matter how old or how good you get; and that is one of its most endearing parts! Before heading outBe sure to familiarise yourself with the most up-to-date coronavirus guidelines (gov.sg) before doing any exercise outside of your home. Check here for live updates of how busy certain parks and green spaces are across the island.Directory Lee Carrington Golf 9798 5858 | [email protected] | leecarringtongolf.comUFIT Health and Fitnessufit.com.sgThis article first appeared in the June 2020 edition of Expat Living. 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